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Veloster Turbo, Ultimate, Manual, Century White, 100% stock.
2000 miles driven, in the first four weeks.

I've been taking it pretty easy, but I've accelerated hard getting on the highway a few times.

I'm seeing tiny black oily speckles on the tailgate, above the exhaust outlets. The silver chrome rings of the exhaust are hazed with black oily soot. I've washed the car very well and clay-barred the whole rear bumper and tailgate to make it perfectly clean.

I got the specks cleaned off...and now I've driven another two weeks, and the black oily speckles are BACK.

There are tiny black oily dots visible on the rear paint surfaces. If I rub them with my finger, they smear into a little greasy smears.

I have an oil catch can on order... Hopefully it will help??

I'm concerned that oil seems to be blowing out the exhaust.

Is anyone else seeing tiny oily specks on the rear paint, or around/above the exhaust outlets????
Any oily specks around your rear license plate/tailgate/rear bumper area???

I can see the specks really well because the car is white... Any other white VT owners seeing this?
I don't think you could see it on a black or grey car...


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Don't worry about it, I had this issue on my Genesis Coupe and on the Veloster Turbo. It's because we run pretty rich by factory which causes those symptoms. What you need to do is probably wipe it off every 3 or so days... got to keep those tips clean bud. Matter fact, I took my quick detailer spray and microfiber cloth today and got my bumper cleaned from the black specs of oil your also getting. Then I wipe the diffuser with a piece of soap and paper towel because its literally plastic.
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