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Boomba Racing is proud to announce our newest product for the 2019 + Veloster Turbo platform.


These shift knobs feature a 270g precision CNC machined brass core for added weight as well as a delrin shell for durability, excellent appearance and ‘temperature management’. A heavier shift knob puts the weight towards the end of the shift lever. This increased momentum while shifting gives you a greater mechanical advantage, allowing for a much more positive feeling throw when rowing through the gears. The delrin shell with laser-etched Boomba logo prevents the surface of the shift knob from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. These shift knobs make a great addition to your Veloster interior!
Compatible with OEM & Boomba Racing Short Shift lever, or any shift lever with a thread pitch of M10x1.25

Limited time introductory price of $99.50

Purchase directly at
Boomba Racing Hyundai Shift Knob
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