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Borla Exhaust Coming Soon

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I just dropped my car off at the Borla facilities in Oxnard where they will use my car in the R&D process for either a full catback or axle back set up. I'm working with Alvin T. and he seemed very interested to know the type of tone veloster turbo owners would like to hear?

For starters, I mentioned that VT owners would like the exhaust note to be different from the V. As it is currently, both sound identical. Additionally, some owners would like to have some interior cabin noise from the exhaust - nothing droning.

The R&D process is 2+ weeks, I will be in touch with borla every couple days for any updates.
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Just my preference. And I would actually like a 2.75-3" turbo back exhaust. Yeah yeah, everyone is an expert on here about engines, force induction, etc and 3" is overkill yaddy your breath or should I say your typing please. I've been modding forced induction cars for a long time and I already have a set goal.
here are some quick responses from Alvin T. - Borla R&D Project Manager:

Axel back vs cat-back: There are many considerations when offering a cat-back verses just a rear section. Cost is most important consideration as more material costs more money. The stock exhaust has a welded cat and offering a cat-back would require cutting the pipe. In our experience many customers are opposed to cutting the factory exhaust – this is where a rear-section is most popular.

Larger Piping: How many companies offer a performance tune and what claims do they make? You can post this question in the forum to see who’s considering the high-performance route. As stated on your Borla tour, we can offer just about any exhaust product but a 2.75” pipe just makes no sense unless you’re making a race-car with 600hp. Ask the guys what pipe Rhys Millen uses on his Drift Veloster…?

Feel free to chime in - I can forward any questions and comments. He's been very helpful and is opening to hearing VT owner input.

I didn't realize Rhys Millen developed a drift veloster until now. Good stuff.
Rhys Millen has a rally Veloster that he also used for the Pikes Peak hill climb recently.

As for axle back vs catback, referencing back to TurboSocks undercarriage pics in his exhaust thread. The cat is not welded to the exhaust. I can see myself paying around $5-600 for a nice stainless steel catback. Most people I know that install an axle back is installing it for the sound only. If Borla can show me that an axle back 2.5" makes more power than a full 2.75-3" catback, I'm all for an axle back.

I'm not aiming for 600 hp, but I'm definitely aiming for 3-350 whp. I'm not going to restrict myself to a 2.5" because according to TurboSocks, the stock exhaust up until the muffler is already 2.5". I just don't see the point of staying with the 2.5". Cheapest route to go here then is to just swap out the muffler with an aftermarket unit.
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