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Brake Indicator on Dash

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I have had my VT for about 3 months, and just recently I have noticed that the Brake Indicator Light on the dash was on while I was driving. The parking brake was not engaged. I pulled over, turned the car off and then turned it back on and the light was gone. This has happened a handful of times in the past week. Any one else having or had this issue. I have a oil change at the dealership set up for Sat that I was going to bring this issue up at, but should I be more concerned with what this means?
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Perfect, thanks btjetman. Hopefully this is the issue. I called the dealer ... the didn't seem to responsive - I guess I will just take care of this on Sat when I go for the oil change.
It's either the service bulletin will fix this or you have a leak in the brake line. The brake will light up if that happens. Just to be sure, before u start the car tomorrow take a look at the reservoir and make sure the brake levels are fine
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