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Brenthon Emblem

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If this wasn't so much, I would buy that in an instant lol

Brenthon Black Emblem Complete Set 7pcs for 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo | eBay
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I do believe I can get those to you a bit cheaper. Not sure about shipping because I'd need to see the box size first, but the min would be something like $25ish for shipping.

"Free shipping" on ebay = the shipping price is already included in the purchase price. Some with some other vendors.

edit: price for them is $95 for the full set (EXACTLY as shown in that ebay link) when purchased through PM or direct email (since they're not on the website). Not a LOT cheaper, but something.
There is 1 that comes uncolored, which you are supposed to be able to paint, yes.

Can't say if that's the case for all of them, but, for the big ones. Hand Finger
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It's not. They claim because manufacturers use new emblems that aren't the company symbols on their flagship cars...this will give your car an exotic look. Case in point for Hyundai would the be Equus.
Or the Genesis.
Except for the rear on ones in the US/Can. THANKS Hyundai! :rolleyes:
I don't check this website over the weekend so sorry for the late reply and I did read all of your messages :p
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