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Well, after seeing the dyno gains on the CAI vs. SRI with Injen system that will be available soon, I decided to take the spare pipe I had laying around and make my SRI into a CAI.. process went flawlessly and I picked up a spectra coupler for now instead of my usual nice ones.

Anyway, I made this full CAI for less than 100$ including the pipe cutter I just bought. I am not a vendor here so I can't sell them on here unfortunately.

With the SRI, the difference in ambient and intake temps were between 20 and 30 degrees under boost conditions. Tomorrow, I will do some testing to see if there is a decreased gap between ambient and intake temp. I assume it will be siginificant as Injen saw 5 peak hp with the CAI over the SRI setup and their extension is pretty much the SAME as how mine is run.

Pretty much only difference in the Injen and this one is one coupler. My CAI also doesn't have the bypass port of the breather port on it. I wouldn't recommend connecting the breather without a can anyway as you will introduce blowby back into the system.

My setup isn't as clean as the ones I will make for people on the other site because there was some trial and error involved along the process, as there always is with a first time part...

don't mind the crappy spectre clamps and how they are in the pic :p I replaced them with some T-bolt clamps after I verified it all fit.

I would be willing to bet, if I had an Injen CAI here and could dyno these side by side, the difference would be negligible between the two and well within the error of the dyno accuracy.

If I get word from the Admins, I will offer the SRI and the CAI up for sale to you guys.

I just got a better pipe cutter, so these will be cut and ready to install on your car. You will not have the bypass port or the breather port. They slightly hinder flow anyway and the breather port can introduce blowby into the intake system, which is no good.

Pricing.. if approved to sell on here would be:

~95$ shipped for the SRI
~110$ shipped for the full CAI.. anywhere in the continental USA..

This would include silicone, 3-ply couplers, T-bolt clamps, thick walled aluminum piping and a high flow double cone filter.

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