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Can't clear a code with obd2 scanner

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Recently added a TurboSocks FMIC and tee'd off the throttle body .... I have been getting the check engine light and after reading it, it's the code 2261 ....been able to clear it a few times, but this time it's not clearing drives really good and power delivery is smooth ....anyone else having this issue?
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How is your setup? Vacuum line tee'd off the throttle body or map sensor on the intake manifold? The two nipples on the exit side of my solenoid are looped together, maybe I will individually cap them ...I am stumped... For now I took the blue 15 amp fuse out for the Ecu to reset it finally the check light is gone

For those whose check engine lights that can't be deleted, this is the only way, without going back to the dealer ...I think it locks up when you shut the car off during the automatic blue link scan before it completes it's scan cycle
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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