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Car show in Brandon, Fl this Saturday 08/17/13

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For those in the West Central Florida area, there is a car show happening this Saturday the 17th running from 5-9pm. It is open to any car old or new, and registration is only $3. If you register you get a coupon for a free Margarita or appetizer from the restaurant that it is taking place at. I plan on being there and hopefully will be entering my fat bottom girl into it. Hope to see some other VT owners there. Below are some links and info for the event.

Where it's at:

Home Page

The address is:
Tres Amigos
2025 Brandon Blvd.
Brandon, Fl. 33511

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Damn, I'm heading back to NY Saturday morning
im headed to brandon tonight and leaving tuesday morning. gonna visit my parents. maybe i will have to make it out there for another show
If anyone is in the area, stop by the car show and have some fun. Links and address are above.
I was in the area yesterday but it was raining like crazy around 5-5:30. I figure it wouldn't be a good turn out so I went home.
It wasn't too bad of a turn out. There were about 50 cars there.
It wasn't too bad of a turn out. There were about 50 cars there.
Glad to see the show wasn't a bust for you. Was there other VT or Veloster out there beside you?
Nope, I was the only Hyundai out there. A bunch of Fords, Chevy's, Dodge's and Nissan/Datsun's (They all looked like junk). The club that was sponsoring it took a bunch of photos of each car and I only got one pic. Jealous bastards, they knew who ruled and just wouldn't admit it.

Here is a link to the pics they took.[email protected]/sets/72157635119435604/
Dayum one Hyundai?! That sucks!!! No Gens? Were there any KDM's?
Some decent car there. I would love to come but again it was raining and thinking it wouldn't been a good turn out. But if it wasn't raining I would of check it out. If I was working every friday, USF has a car meet at the parking lot in USF. I never been there but hear about it all the time.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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