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Central Florida VT Owners where you at??

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I was pondering the idea that maybe we could do a routine VT get together on a Saturday in the near future. I just like to see who all is in the Central Florida area to make this idea a reality?
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Im in the daytona beach area and just got my elite white vt last week. would be awesome to get some people together. i see there is a cfl gen coupe club but i couldnt find anything on velosters
well well... I am moving to the Lake Mary area in a few months (end of may, early june)... This would be something interesting as I will be all alone down there :crying:
Got my keys, or lack there of, today. Smack in the heart of Orlando.
Use to live in Lake Mary some years ago. Back in New York now. Use to be crazy car meets on idrive every friday and saturday night on the north end by sonics in the guess outlet lot. Use to be 80-100 cars there till the cops chased us out..
I'm in Miami and the wifey and I recently bought our Disney 4 park annual passes so we're down to riding up there whenever!
I'm in the Orlando/kissimmee area. If you end up finding more people to join, just let me know ahead of time so I can take the day off at work and not make any other plans.
Theres an event coming up this Saturday. I will be there with a couple Tiburon people, at least earlier in the day(I'll probably leave around 2ish). There is standard car judging contests however I will not be entering. Details ---> Hope to see some of you out there.
Figured I would bump this thread to see if there is anymore FL people or if there is any plans for a VT Meetup in FL. I drive from Daytona to Tampa or Boca Raton to visit family every once in a while. So I can meet just about anywhere.
Tampa area here :)
Sarasota. Kinda close...
So let's get off our arses and G2G one day soon before it gets killer hot for the summer....
I'm down. Can't wait to see the grill price you come up with.
Just saw the pix of the grill. Looks absolutely amazing. Depending on cost I wouldn't mind driving over to Tampa to have one fitted myself.
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Let's work on putting together a "G2G" event. We can make sure we have several grilles on-hand, and could offer a small discount to those that attend and purchase in cash!
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Sounds like a plan, and maybe we can get Petey T (the photographer) to take some professional pics of all our VTs :)
^ definitely!

Okay, so here's where I'm at - Saturday, May 18th, 2013 - Meet at 6am over at the Franklin Templeton parking garage off of Ulmerton (only like 2 miles from the event) and then trek over to the DuPont Registry's Cars & Coffee Event which starts at 7am. By meeting at the Franklin Templeton parking garage, hopefully we can obtain some cool all VT shots from Petey, and then make an entrance all at once when arriving over to the Cars & Coffee dealio.


Profusion Racing:
DuPont Registry:
DuPont Registry Cars & Coffee:

Google Maps:

DuPont Registry:
Map from Franklin Templeton to DuPont Registry:

Thoughts??? Attendees???
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