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CF hood, help!

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Anyone buy the Veloster CF hood yet? Does it fit the VT? I ordered my hood yesterday from carId, only to have the order cancelled today without question, because it "won't fit my car". Any first hand experience? I have to wait a week now for my $ back to reorder anyway, and my dealership even said the hoods are the same. Just want to be sure. Thanks in advance
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i would by it elsewhere if possible due to the douche-baggery.
i used to own a 2008 eclipse and bought alot of parts from them and if it said 06+ they still would do the same thing saying "will not fit selected car" :O so i always had to order elsewhere
thanks for the info guys, just to make sure I did some measurements on a NA veloster at the dealership. Ordered from a different site yesterday. If all goes well Ill post pics when it arrives. My last hood took like a month to ship though. Also snatched some new wheels and coil-overs. Hopefully looks nice, large purchases always worry me.
what coilovers you get?
Probably ones with springs and stuff :wink:
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