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Check out the miles on this VT!!

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I couldn't believe it since it's not a year old yet.

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That mileage is crazy but they do offer "Autocheck" for the odometer. But the price doesn't really make sense for that many miles. The Hyundai warranty is not transferrable, so you are buying a high-output 1st model year turbo with super high mileage. And it is a Hyundai which aren't known for great resale value when they have a lot of miles on them.

Part of the reason I bought my VT and a Hyundai in general is that I plan on doing 1 or 2 epic road trips with it. I've done 1 such trip before in a 90k mile Benz that ran great and it had an O2 sensor go iffy on a Sunday evening in the middle of nowhere. Luckily it went into limp mode and ran fine again after I restarted it. But that was a long few minutes as I figured out that I was out of cell range and how much it was going to cost to get it towed and fixed. Hyundai Assurance solves that problem.

But then I put a lot of miles on my new VT by driving the heck out of it for fun and to get through the break-in period and a couple 1k road trips. Then I started doing the math of owning a new car and how mileage affects depreciation and quickly figured out that I needed to do some real planning to do those epic road trips.

First, if I'm gonna roll some serious miles on the VT I need to plan on owning it for the long term and not resell it in the first few years.

Second, 10k road trips have to be done before you hit 60k miles in order to get the benefit of Hyundai Assurance. Getting 2 10k trips before I put 60k on it is going to take real planning.
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Bought mine back in August 2012 and I just hit over 10,000 miles driving to Vegas today. EDC!!!!!
Mid March for me, and just under 7K..
Though I do have to travel often .
Picked up mine Sept 4, 2013 and have 12,600mi on it now.
I picked my VT up on 5-30-13. I have almost 1400 miles already. Seems like a lot at least to me.
Holy smokes. That's definitely a lot of miles. I just broke 4600~ miles after 2.5 months of ownership.
Picked up mine Sept 4, 2013 and have 12,600mi on it now.
Holy Crap! A time traveler!!!
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mine about 5500km almost 3 month. I love the tires on that car thou
mine about 5500km almost 3 month. I love the tires on that car thou
They look great but don't last long and are pretty expensive.
I took delivery on January 4th, 2013 and have just over 3900 miles on the odometer. What do I win? I won, right?
Bought end of April 13. Going to roll over 10k mi tomorrow
Holy crap! I got mine at the end of April and I barely have 700 miles on it. I guess I'm the extreme end of the spectrum...
Just hit 7324 today I had an oil change on the 3 at 5712mi....
I need to start carpooling with sometime else
How come my vt doesnt say "average fuel economy," but instead just says " average"...was up with that?
Where do you see that?
Just hit 15k last night... who's next?
Hit 16k yesterday. Got her in Feb 2013. 45 mi each way to work will do that. By this rate ill hit 100k when she's around 4 years old. That saddens me a little.
Def lot of KM'S.....Didn'the VT'S only come out around Nov 2012....Wow...
Someone has been doing roadtrips...
Oh...coming up to 17000 KM on mine...
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