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chipped paint

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If i have as this many chips in my paint and only 7k on my VT then I can not be the only person. Check the roof-line near the top of the windshield and you may be surprised at what you find. :serious:
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I also have 7k miles on my VT and have 3 or 4 chips on my hood but none on my roof-line.

I ordered the touch-up paint from the dealer and it was like $23. When it arrived it did not contain the clear-coat component. That costs another $23. Uggh.
$14 versus $23 is not an issue for me when it comes to keeping my VT looking like new and avoiding rust. 1 stage paint does not include the clear coat which is a problem to me. For the extra $9 I prefer the factory paint and I question why the internet paint doesn't come with the clear coat.

My concern is getting the chips to disappear and not making the touch up look like blotches that stand up above the clear coat finish.

I used this one company to repair a fairly significant dent and scrape across 2 body panels on my last car while it was in my work parking lot. They only charged $400 for that work and it looked perfect when they were done. According to their website they will come out and repair paint chips for $40 in my work parking lot.

That is starting to look like the best deal to me.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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