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Cleaning Plasti Dip !!!!

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So I have white plasti dip gets dirty best way to clean it ??? I was thinking using a clear gloss coat over is maybe it would clean more like a plastic instead f rubber
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Wire brush works good (j/k :D)

There are really good youtube videos on this topic. Just search in youtube cleaning plastidip and you will get good informational videos on the best products and stuff to use to clean your plastidip
Thanks I'm actually thinking about painting everything with real Sw2 paint from a auto body shop friend of the family Owens one tht way it's professionally done not just some rubber spray shit
Better make darn sure whatever color you want you will like for ever because once you get that done, you can't peel it off like some rubber spray.
I say as long as you are sure you want your rims look with that color then go for it.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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