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cold side charge piping

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Korean Auto Imports

it's a tad expensive .. but interesting

then add Genesis Coupe AGP Blow Off Valve Block off Plate - AGP Turbochargers, Inc. Store

I wonder if you can get it with no BOV, since I know a company that makes a tial "rip off" (it's made by tial just doesn't have their logo on it) for 70 bux lol so i'd be down for that
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damn they wont split it up and its not a real hks for me thats a tad expensive but not terrible whose gonna be the first ?
No reason to buy this with a knockoff SSQV4...Everyone who dislikes HKS bovs are usually the people with the knockoff version.
I'm not a fan of it when it's real either.. i prefer a subtle shhhh like stock with an intake ..
Too expensive for a short pipe and replica bov.

yea if it was a genuine one I'd consider it ... but not so much .. I probably have a 2.5" pipe i could drop it someplace in my basement I'd just need to get a 2.25 to 2.5 " coupler lol and leave the stock bov
There's no need to put a pipe there unless you are doing the stock bpv delete and adding on an aftermarket bov/bpv.
why do you say that? ... do you have any proof that a slightly larger hard pipe wont provide benefits over the stock piping?
Bigger pipes throughout in a small turbo application usually bring more lag...

I'm not saying it will be totally useless, just saying who is going to go through the trouble of a before and after dyno on something so minute? You want hard piping? Buy an intercooler kit from turbosocks...

Do you have any proof that changing that piece with a slightly larger hard pipe will provide benefits over the stock piping?
I have no proof however I will be making a stock positioned FMIC and piping kit to find that out... the amount of lag that pipe would create even if you went to a 3" pipe would be un noticable. I have a crap load of piping laying around .. I could easily install it with no trouble.

the stock hot side is like 2" i think turbosocks said. theres a good chance that upping that to 2.25 wouldn't hurt anything and would more then likely help it

the piping for the setup I make will more then likely be 2.5 on cold side 2.25 hot side stop positioned FMIC with stock bov flange
wow, that is terribly expensive for such a shotty product in my opinion.

doesn't even have rolled ends on the piping, just some weld material? Also, it doesn't look like it fits the greatest. not to mention it uses cheap worm groove clamps..

Basically, you are paying 220 for two couplers, 4 clamps and less than a foot of piping + 40$ for a knockoff HKS BOV.. Seems like a terrible deal all around to me.

The stock cold pipe goes from ~2" to 2.5" at the throttle body. You wouldn't be gaining much at all here if anything, other than a BOV.

I could probably make an identical setup to that but with better fitment, rolled ends and t-bolt clamps for about half the price and everything would be higher quality.
yea I was hoping it would be like 50 bux for it without a bov then i might do it .. like I said I have the shit to do it
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