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Complete AC Shutoff?

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So, we lost the AC Compressor, which is fine. We’re gonna get it replaced. In the meantime we have good old fashioned windows, but I can’t keep hot air from leaking into the cabin even with the unit off.

Temp is fully set to cold, power to 0, blow to upper, with the recirc on, but the dash is still getting hot air pushed into it. I can close the vent louvers, but dash still soaks up heat, which heats up the cabin. Not cool if we have to keep the windows closed for rain.

I’m used to my trucks where there was an actual off button, aside from adjusting the temperature and buttons for fan speed. I don’t know how to do it in this newer car.
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There may be a mechanical issue not allowing it to close off the intake from under the wiper cowling.
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