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Correct Spark plug for 2016 turbo

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Greetings. With all the discussion on correct plugs I wanted to check in on a set I just got from the dealer. 2016 VTR.
I received 18846-10060 which shows for 2012-2017. An online retailer bramaniamihyndai says these do not fit my car. Instead they show 18849-08080 as the correct part for me. Is the part.ending in 60 the colder plugs that caused engine issues?
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i believe 8080 is the right one? but i just tossed a set of yura plugs in my 2014 from trdtoy they have been decent!
18846-10060 is for NAVs, so they definitely gave you the wrong set.
18849-08080 is correct for '15 and up VT. Check with @trdtoy though, he may have some readily available options for you.
This ^^^^^

Plug you need will depend on if oem tune or aftermarket tune and the fuel you run.
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