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My lease turn-in inspection revealed a few "Oh-Oh's" :wink: , one being a decent amount of curb rash on my front right wheel/rim.
It's a painted rim (dark gray) on my 2009 WRX. I just wonder who fixes these things for relatively cheap and quickly, my dealer wants an arm and a leg, OUCH! :money:
Any info is always appreciated. Btw, I live in 48307, thanks in advance!

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BMWTips wheel-scuff repair
This is actually a DIY that someone else made for the GenCoupe Curb Rash, the similiar concept still would apply on any vehicle.


Prep work and preview of curb rash

First of many coats of Spot Bondo. Used 320 grit for first 2 layers. Then 600 to finish. Basically apply small amounts at a time to fill in slowly. End with fine grit (1000) to even out smoothness.

Taper primer from damage out.

Frist coat of 3. These coats are all tapered from damage source towards center of spokes.

After base coat but before the clear coat. Dry to touch paint still settling in. You can see the curb rash is gone.

After 3 light coats of clear applied. Color set in nicely.

I will be taking some outdoor photos soon with this reclaimed wheel. The total investment was about 30 US dollars .

1 Can of Primer
1 Can of Base Coat
1 Can of Clear
1 Pack of Sand Paper from 180 - 1500 Grit
1 Tube of Spot Bodo
1 Can of Paint Thinner for cleanup
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