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Curious about Veloster

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Hello all. I saw a Matte veloster a while ago and it got me curious. I am in the market for a nice fast fun commuter car. I have owned a WRX and a Caliber SRT4 before amognst countless others. I'm a 44 year old guy who also might think this car might be too young for me. I own a Shelby GT500 vert for nice sunny days. I am really intrigued by this car. Can anyone tell me or direct me for comments about this car and the matte paint? Also I love these wheels on this better than the ones that come with the car. Were these an option. Thanks for your help and hope to be a long time member here soon.
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LOL that's what I love about the VT, it stands out differrently from the rest. One week before I purchased mine I went to the dealer with the wife and two friends. Unfortunately no VT's were available but the n/a V that was there was fully loaded and they were like, "Alex, you should get that one." Nevertheless I told them to just wait and see; the following week my white VT showed up, my wife then suddenly was astonished at the difference between the two (VT & N/A V) and said, "thank God you didn't listen to me last week" LOL

Yes, this car isn't a Si, GTI, WRX, FRS but doesn't mean that you can't do a few tweeks to improve its performance since visually the car you pretty much dont have to do anything to it.
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