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Current best 0-60 and 1/4 mile times?

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Hey everyone, new to the forums and I've read some of the older 0-60 topics but I want to see if anyone was able to achieve better times? If so, what year, M/t or A/t, and modifications?

According to the program I'm using I'm consistently at 5.2 for 0-60 and I have hit 5.1 once. I have a 2015 VT with m/t. My modifications include SFR tune, catless down pipe, 3.5 intake, hot pipe resonator delete or "tork pipe", one step colder spark plugs, stiffer lower mount bushing, modified exhaust, turbosocks hks replica BOV, and modified grill area to allow more flow to the intercooler.

I'm not sure if the 2015 made some changes internally to make a difference, but I do recall Jay telling me he noticed the stock tune on the 15 was more aggressive than previous years. Before the tune I was recording about 6.3 0-60 and after the tune I jumped to 5.2. Here are some pics of my results.

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We ran a 12.5 at 117mph
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