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Daylight Running Lights

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Does the VT have standard DRL's? If so, can you remove a fuse or somehow get them to be on with ONLY the LED's on instead of the whole headlight?!? If you have to turn them on manually every time you're in the car then that solves it right there.
A curious mind would like to know... Thanks in advance to the feedback!
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Laws in Canada and many European countries require vehicles to operate with lights on during the daytime. Canada requires vehicles made after Dec. 1, 1989, to be equipped with DRLs. The European Union requires DRLS for new cars and small vans under a law that took effect in February 2011. New trucks and buses in the EU must have DRLs starting in August 2012.

No US state mandates DRLs, but some require drivers to operate vehicles with lights on in bad weather.

Info taken off

According to this all Canadian models will have the DRLs on all the time (except for e-brake trick, which my elantra is the same way) So US versions are most likely different. Hopefully I will know soon.
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