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Daylight Running Lights

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Does the VT have standard DRL's? If so, can you remove a fuse or somehow get them to be on with ONLY the LED's on instead of the whole headlight?!? If you have to turn them on manually every time you're in the car then that solves it right there.
A curious mind would like to know... Thanks in advance to the feedback!
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According to my Canadian Manual (Pages 7-66 and 7-67) there's a 10 amp fuse for the DRLs in the the "Inner Fuse Panel" and, according to the manual, the "Protected Component" is "Not Used". It might be worth giving that fuse a try.

Another option would be to try and figure which type of bulb is used for the DRLs, since it's not listed in the "Bulb Wattage" list in my manual (Page 8-2) and DRLs are legally required here in Ontario, to try a find a LED replacement for it.
what is the issue with having the DRL's on?
I am not understanding why you don't want them.
The color temperature doesn't match the LED position lights.
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Kinda forgot about this. There is a DRL fuse location in the cabin fuse box. The engine compartment fuse box located beside the airbox doesnt have a DRL relay or fuse. Pulling the cabin fuse doesnt turn the DRL off like it has in pretty much every other car Ive tried it on.

I have however noticed that when the DRLs are on and you signal a turn, that side DRL goes out while the signal is flashing. Leads me to believe the DRLs are connected to the signals some how and possibly not defeatable unless you mess with the signal too.

I dont mind the DRLs, they are just a very pale yellow colour compared to the LEDs. The DRLs use the highbeams on low power. Changing the high beam bulbs to something around 7500K and they will match the LEDs.
Just checked and the high beam bulbs are in a separate housing so it might be the low beam bulbs on low power.
I just got my vt today. I ran it in the "auto" position during the day and no lights went on? Are there supposed to be drl's in the auto position?
DRL's turn on as soon as you release the hand brake. It might be that DRLs aren't required where you bought your car or that there's an issue with the DRLs in your car. Here in Canada DRLs are required by law, check your local laws and if they are required there talk to your dealer to get them working.
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