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Daylight Running Lights

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Does the VT have standard DRL's? If so, can you remove a fuse or somehow get them to be on with ONLY the LED's on instead of the whole headlight?!? If you have to turn them on manually every time you're in the car then that solves it right there.
A curious mind would like to know... Thanks in advance to the feedback!
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Is there still no solution to the God forsaken DRL BULB?

I want to mod my lights and get brighter leds however i dont want that damn drl bulb on..

On a side note, does anyone know what kind of bulb is the drl because in the meantime i can just get a different temp bulb.
I believe all VT's have the H7 bulb in the high-beam.

I purchased a set of Osram 65w "rallye" bulbs and they work great as high-beams but the colour is still too yellow for DRL's.

I also purchased a set of H7 LEDs and find them too dim in the DRL position and waaaay too dim to work as a high-beam in the HB reflector.

I am still waiting to find a way to get separate LED DRL's and high-beams in my Canadian VT. I saw someone else wire LEDs to their US VT's headlights (with no pre-existing DRL) but have been hesitant to try anything (because I have little experience and not the right tools to do with electrical changes/fixes)
The biggest issue you will face, Wolfe, is defeating the low volt feed.
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