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So today I added a few accessories to my VT that I figgured Id give a small writeup on.

Today we have
Deezee Universal Mud Flaps

Made from a fairly stiff rubber, feel like they will hold up well. I had a lot of fear they were going to be a cheap hard plastic but after opening them up I find they were exactly what I had in mind when thinking "Mud Flap". Each package contains 2 flaps and 6 screws. The flaps themselves are all the same size but there is a left and a right.

Over all install took about 90 minutes, difficulty I would give 4/10

Air compressor @150psi
Air Gun w. 13/16in deep socket
Electric Multidrill with 1/8th bit and phillips head
Measuring Tape
Marker or grease pencil
Floor Jack
Shears or something strong enough to cut rubber

The hardest part of this install is trying to measure and coordinate all the flaps to be mounted nearly identically. Even tho I mostly just eyeballed it I highly suggest holding the flap in place, measure the height you want from the ground, then marking inside the fenderwell. If you do that before jacking up the car it'll make life easier. My flaps are 3" high off the ground at mount, however when my fatass is inside I imagine It loses ~1/2 in, and then body roll from driving will cause me to scrape in some corners and high speed turns. I would suggest 4"+ if you dont want to hear any scrapes.

The simple guide is this:
1) Measure Flap Height
2) Mark Fenderwell
3) Jack up
4) Remove Wheel
5) Tack in the top screw in the flap, aligning with mark in fender well
6) Install other 3 screws
7) Remount Wheel
8) Drop

(Note the front flaps MUST BE TRIMMED or they will rub.. I didnt know if they would or not so I installed the full flap first, and took it around the block making it rub as much as I could so I could see the marks, and then just trimmed the excess off. And I happy about having to trim them skinnier? no.. Do I still like them? yes. Even after the trim they still look really kick ass.

The Package

Just starting, Jacked Up

Wheel Removed

Drilled Pilot hole in Flap

Tacked on and lined up

All 3 screws in (Try to tack them all to body. The fenderwell plastic is REALLY thin. Im considering redoing all this with rivets.

(This it what I ended up trimming off first)

Then soon realized almost 1/2 of it would have to go.

Finished Trimmed flap
(Hold on to your trimming and you can use it as a stencil on the other side. Just trace onto other flap and cut)

My Zombie ass

Currently, these only have abour 2 1/2" clearance to the ground which is NOT enough.. I have adjusted them twice and 4" from the ground seems to be the magic number to get 0 scraping.

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sorry to necro a thread but I am planning on doing something similar this weekend if I can find the flaps. My nearest Autozone only had one set of flaps in stock so I left them last week. I already have the OEM VT flaps on there but they are so small. I want to pop them off and do a similar custom job with these universal ones directly onto the OEM flaps and then put the OEM flaps back into position. I'll post photos when everything is said and done if I get to it this weekend. Currently raining outside and I lack a garage to work in.
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