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So Ive been wanting some mudflaps on the VT now for a while but I just cringe at the thought of spending $100 on some pieces of rubber. Ive searched for existing DIY flaps and there are a lot out there from serving trays to paint trays and more.. but I wanted to have a choice of color as well as a material that was flexible yet strong.. So next thing I know I picked up a couple of cheap storage bins from walmart and within an hour or so I had myself a set of white flaps.

I think that they came out pretty good so I thought I'd share how its done for anybody who wants to give her a shot. Storage bins come in a variety of colors so you can have your pick. Also, these things cover pretty well with plastidip so you have that added color flexibility.

FYI, before I get started, my flaps have about a 6" ground clearance in the rear and about 4" in the front. I only have a template for the rear so these wont bolt up to the front. The only reason I actually have this template is because I started out with 9" flaps in the back and I wanted something wider so I added 1.5 inches to the inside.

**If you want the 9" flaps then just measure 9 across instead of 10.5. All of the other measurements are exactly the same.

Materials Needed for a 2 point attachment flap:

1) Flexible Storage Container Lid (Dont get hard plastic, get the flexible tupperware type)
2) Box Cutter/RazorBlade/Exacto
3) Tape Measure
4) Square (flat squares work best but you can get away with a regular carpentry square)
5) a Straight Edge
6) dry erase marker

If you want 3 attachment points you will need a drill and two small bolts with washers and nuts. I used M8s

Scissors are optional and may help with rounding the corners.

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The template shown below starts with a 11" x 10.5" box

Use the straight edge to draw a straight 11" line down the lid as close to the flat inner edge as you can. Use the square to make the first angle and measure it 10.5" across.

Complete the square and then you can measure out the following. I used a pill bottle to trace and make make my rounded corners, and a plate to trace the large radius at the top of the flap.

Diagram Floor

Now, with a steady hand I traced the lines with a box cutter to set a score in the plastic. After setting a score, go over that score a few more times until the cutter goes through. If you want to speed up the process, you can score the plastic a couple times and then run down the score with a pair of scissors. Scoring the lines with a box cutter helped me achieve a very straight edge.

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Below is a picture of my first flap which was only 9" wide, but the measurements to the holes are the same.

Measure 5 and 5/8 of an inch up from the bottom of the flap and 2 inches in from the outside of the flap for the first hole point. I used a 1/4" drill bit to make that hole but you can use the box cutter.

Measure 1 inch down from the top and 1 and 7/8 of an inch in from the outside to get the edge of the top hole. The top hole I cut out to an oval slot 1/2 inch wide.

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After cutting the holes the flap only has 2 mounting points. For the 3rd mounting point I put a M8 bolt and nut on through both the fender liner and flap. The exact measurements of this are not important. You can just cut or drill the hole where you want.

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That's it. You're all set. I havent decided if I like the 9" or 10.5" better on the rear... but overall I think they look pretty good and are sure to hold up. The 6" clearance shouldnt scrub anything unless your car is significantly lowered.

Here is a picture of the finished 10.5"

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive lighting

Here is a picture of the 9"

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Hyundai


Since somebody was interested, here are the measurements for the front holes. These flaps are 9x11 instead of 10.5x11

The measurement to the center of the top hole is 1 and 5/8 of an inch.
The measurement to the inside edge of the top hole is 1 and 5/8 of an inch from the outside.
The top hole is 1/2 inch wide.

Measurements to the center of the bottom hole is 4 and 1/2 inches from the bottom and 2 and 1/8 an inch from the outside.

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Pretty cool, I may end up doing this...I find it hard to throw out $130 for some mud flaps!
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I would also definitely like the measurements for the fronts!
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