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What size bulb goes in our highbeam lights? I was looking at getting some night breakers for the highbeams but i'm not sure what size bulb I need. I didn't see HIDs for the highbeams being all that practical.

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Light Bulb Wattage Bulb type
High 55 H7
Low 55 H7HPLL/H11B*
Front turn signal lights 27 PY27W
Position lights LED LED
Sidemarker 5 W5W
Front fog lights*
GDI 27 GE881
Turbo GDI 35 H8
Side repeater LED LED
Stop and tail lights 28/8 P28/8W
Rear turn signal lights 27 PY27W
Back-up lights 16 W16W
High mounted stop light LED LED
License plate lights 5 W5W
Front map lamp 8 FESTOON 8W
Center room lamp* 8 FESTOON 8W
Luggage room lamp 5 FESTOON 5W
* : If equipped
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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