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My VT was having some hesitation recently usally when quick off and on gas replaced sparkplugs gaped to .028 helped a bit but did not resolve the hesitation. Had a spare pcv I've been waiting to chnage out when I have a chance to run some tubing under the car to vta the pcv but was bored and had a few mins and replaced mine and wow day and night difference so far. The old one is gunked up shakes and sounds normal but if you test in vaccume (blew in it) it stops flow but test in boost(suck though it) the gunk delays it then it slams open just like how driving was starting to feel. Id say was previous owners fault but this my second oil change I did and had car for about 6k miles lol.

TLDR. don't forget to change your pcv valves when it's time

Pic of old valve

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