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don't you love when your driving up your street and you see.....

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A Veloster with the same rims as you! haha! this guy (or girl) has great taste i must say lol

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LOL Damn dude that is a coincidence! you just stopped and snapped a few shots? lol
lol yeah i had to stop and take a picture!
I would to if I rolled by one with the same rims as mine. It would have been an even bigger coincidence had hes/she had the same matte like you. You seen that VT around before?
the red car looks like a NAV, but those are the same wheels.
Wow i wonder if they saw your car and were like yup ordered.
probably haha i mean my (our) rims are pretty dam sweet! haha
The NAV also looks like it's dropped. I guess V-Raptor will have to do that next and then he/she will see your ride and snap a pic and post it on ***** hahahaha
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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