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ECU ability to adapt to pump 93 testing

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So I been running a test and been posting to the other forum and did not want to cross post to it unless ok'd by a moderator.

Heres a quick rundown:

I have switched over to pump 93 on my second tank and noticed a improvement in performance.. I have a PLX multi gauge reading my ODBII values. SInce the switch and emptying out the factory fill at 700 miles and going 3 tankfulls same shell station same pump I have gone from +3 timing at WOT to +6. It pulls really hard now so what my plan is is to do 2 more tank fulls and if it dosent advance timing any further I will switch to 87 and see if it pulls timming back to compensate for the lower octane. Hopefully this will end the regular vs premium debate over performance. Also when I get the chance I will do a stock dyno to see if my AFR is rich or not and see what numbers its pulling.

I would rather not have to repost each forum but I will in the name of VT Science:cool: Mods please let me know if its cool as its good info to have across all VT owners

If anyone is running stock and has a stock dyno with 87 showing AFR that would be helpful info.
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I'm sure someone is gonna yell at me but b4 you switch back can you do a few tanks of 93 to test for mpg vs 87? As this is my dd mpg is my first concern so I would like to know if the extra cost of 93 can be offset by better MPGs
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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