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ECU reflash / Engine management system

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Hello all,

I don't have a Veloster but the car look is WOW.

I have a mazdaspeed 3 2008 stg3 (357WHP with GT2871R turbo) and I begin my search to replace the car in 2013.

I try to found somes info on ECU reflash system like Cobbtuning or any software like Versatuner to do the re-calibration of the VT ECU database.

(Sorry if somes grammatical mistake the french is my first language)

If you have somes information on software or reflash tool please post

Thanks a lot
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There was a reputable tuner in the US looking for a VT to R&D on, but no one wanted to participate.

BTR did the custom reflash on the SEMA ARK Veloster, but who knows if they will ever make one for mass production.
It was SFR but I dont think they ever found a car to work on. They might have or are planning on buying their own. BTR just got around to the 13 Genesis and they have one tune for one of the 4 engine/tranny combos, so who knows if and when they will have a tune for the VT.
Thats great. They were having trouble finding one. Their tunes for the 13 Genesis are very very promising. I had their basic canned tune on my old Genesis and it felt like a totally different car from stock. My 13 will get tuned in the spring.
SFR does ell pretended factory ECUs for both versions of the Genesis. I would imagine a VT would follow once they actually start working on them. Now that the 13 Gens have been done, I'm hoping the VT is next.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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