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I have been shopping for a VT since my return from Afghanistan, loved the Elite White right off the get go. When I went to the dealer they informed me that Hyundai doesn't build to order, they just make what ever and in limited quantities. So I started working multiple dealers for my preferred color/spec. Allen Turner Hyundai in was the best of the group, they realized I wanted what I wanted, didn't try selling me on a Sonata or different colored VT. My dealer called me last early this week and asked if I would be interested in blue or silver, and that if I wanted the Elite White it could be a long delay until one came over from overseas. I mulled it over and told them I was commited to waiting. Got a call 5 days later...and I should be picking up my Elite White VT on Tuesday! Big props to Allen Turner in Pensacola, specifically Kal Barber! For all those waiting for thier perfect VT, just stick to it and you'll be ultimately happy in the end.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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