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Entertainment Trim Removal

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Let me start by saying, "If you do not have a variety of plastic trim removal tools, do not attempt this".
This is the hardest piece of trim I have ever removed. What makes it so difficult is, the soft parts of the dash will mark very easy if you slip or apply force removing the trim. You MUST always pull straight towards the rear of the car and NEVER try to pry with the tools or you will leave a mark.

To begin, you will want to locate the two slots on the bottom of the trim piece, aprox. one inch either side of the top of the start button.

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Next you will use a a slot type screw driver and slide it up into one of the slots. Use masking tape or a rag to protect the dash. I used a screw driver because it is going to take quite a bit of force to get the trim to begin to break loose.

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Using the shank of the screwdriver, pull straight towards you, "DO NOT PRY". Move to the other slot, and get that side to start coming loose as well.

Now you can start to insert the plastic trim tools. While pulling with the screw driver insert the first of two plastic trim removal tools.

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Once the first tool is in, you can now pull with it while you insert the second tool further up the trim piece. Remember always pull never pry.

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Now you can pull the one side completely loose. Once you have it loose you can work from around the bottom to pull the other side loose by hand.

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Once you have the trim piece loose you can disconect the wiring harnesses. The vents, buttons and climate control are all held in place by 4 screws each.

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I can't emphasize enough to be careful around the soft part of the dash, I am now the proud owner of two little marks on mine.
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I am the proud owner of dents too from when I took mine out. I agree though, this is the hardest car to disassemble (interior) I have worked on ever. The end panels of the dash are equally as bad to remove.
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