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Thought I'd post up my review of the x-brace sold by Evilla and Pierce Motorsports.

As the pictures show these install from the subframe to the chassis to stiffen up this area and keep the flex out.

Great brace as it is and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

But something seemed incomplete with the setup so I took an old tie bar from my Z24 drag bar I had laying around and with a little modification used it to tie in the open end of the brace.

All existing mounting holes were used to mount the setup and made the chassis nice and tight.

I'm not sure if the additional bar helped but the bracing really helps with the switchback roads I use for testing out the cars I've owned and wow, what a ride I now have. lol

I rank the brace a 10 for what it does and about a 5 on the hardness scale to install.
Add some rigid collars to the deal and even better. 👍

If you're serious about putting power to the ground this brace is a must have.
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