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Exhaust Decibel Levels

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Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone that has an aftermarket exhaust happens to know the decibel levels of their exhaust system. I live in Ohio, and I know some people who have gotten tickets for their exhaust system being over the decibel threshold. Ohio's law states: (1) For passenger cars:

(a) When operated at a speed of thirty-five miles per hour or less, a maximum noise limit of seventy decibels;

(b) When operated at a speed of more than thirty-five miles per hour, a maximum noise limit of seventy-nine decibels.

So far the only exhaust system I saw with a posted Db level was Ark DT-S which stated 80 Db @ 3000 rpm. They did not state what gear/ MPH that the Db level was recorded. I have not found information on any other exhaust systems on the market for the VT. I am not looking for "fart cans" or anything extremely loud, I just want something a little louder than stock to make it sound more sporty. The MBRP sounds really loud, and I heard the Magnaflows are more on the quiet end. I was looking into the borla S type, however from reading on the site it looks as if the borla touring is the same as the S-type but with a resonator.

I am looking for direct bolt ons and per Ohio's laws/ my county's emissions laws I need a cat converter and I need a muffler. I tend to drive more liberally, I just like the sound. I rarely WOT. I average 32-33 MPG for reference. So when I am in the city and there is a cop sitting at a speed trap I want to know if I drive liberally are after market exhausts naturally loud? is there a way to make it quitter? For example, drive in a higher than need gear? I am not sure how exhaust systems work for loudness but if it is like the air intake system, I can take off slower and just shift at lower rpms so the noise is not as excessive.

Any info or experiences would help, thanks!
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When I installed the MagnaFlow, interior dB was @ 75 (2500+/-RPM) and flooring it and letn off throttle was 85-90dB. A custom J Pipe that was installed dropped the cruise and others down by 10dB.

Now I know you are looking at more external sound levels, but this is what I record last year when doing my exhaust and addressing the sound without adding more restrictions to it.
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