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Exhaust Options

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Hey people, I know there are more than several threads on exhausts but looking for some suggestions please. First up from Australia so dont send me to the local muffler place in downtown

I don't want increased horsepower, just a nice rumble when under foot and not drone when cruising at 100km (60m).

I have been to 4 different exhaust places and have recieved 4 different views.

1. Mate don't do anything, give it 12 months and there should be heaps of after market systems around
2. Not possible to fabricate anything, have you seen the exhaust set up, it has two pipes coming out of the muffler
3. Google it and see if I can copy something for you
4. we can just change the resonator, play around and if that doesn't work we can start on the muffler

Of the 4 options changeing the resonator sounds the easiest but don't want pipes cut as I may want to refit original down the track.

Can anyone provide any feedback.

Have had a look at the Borla and Jun systems discussed here but between cost and shipping down under, not sure the expense would be justified without knowing how it will sound.
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Sounds like my dilemma when I was looking for silencers for my motorcycle; I wanted something with a note but not annoying on a long ride. The Triumph had been on the market for many years and there were a lot of discussion threads on forums like this, but even then one person's ideal might have been my too loud! I scanned several you tube clips before I picked the high-flows which turned out to be just what I wanted.

I was thinking of the adjustable Jun EVC system which is shipped direct from Korea. It's not the cheapest option but shipping costs Korea to Australia ought to be okay. I think the Jun adjusted to loud won't be too loud, but if it is annoying on a long drive I can change it. The guy across the road has a Chrysler wagon and I would like my car to be as loud as that: just throaty and no more. Something fabricated at the local exhaust shop might be just right or it might be so loud it's annoying.

The bonus is I keep my stock system intact (like the stock silencers for my motorcycle are under the house).
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As I said before in the other Forum, wait a bit for a metallic sports cat and catback.
go custom and research the parts you buy quite a bit before purchase.. custom will net very similar performance gains at a fraction of the cost, not to mention your exhaust will sound exactly how you want it to and not the same as every other VTurbo with a catback.
Here is a link to my custom exhaust tone. using a magnaflow part # 10426 from the rear flange back

Here is a link to my custom exhaust tone. using a magnaflow part # 10426 from the rear flange back

Can u fix the link please its not working
Can u fix the link please its not working
yeah I'll try to post it on something else and link it.
yeah I'll try to post it on something else and link it.
Any update looking forward to hearing your setup without the resonator delete
Anybody have a stock exhaust with a resonator delete? If so, how does it sound?
I've had my muffler removed so all that is left is the stock resonator & the straight through pipes welded to the 'Y' so that they come out the back into the std exhaust tips - I love how it sounds, so much better than stock! And it's so much more responsive than stock! Eventually I plan on switching the resonator to a performance one but for now I'm happy with what I've achieved & it only cost $320. I've kept the muffler just in case I ever need to put it back on & it's a monster!!
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