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My wife and I Had to go to Oklahoma for a family matter the past couple of days. We put a total of 1375 miles round trip.

The car performed well on the trip. The gas mileage worked out to 27.7mpg, and that is not from the computer, but from gallons and miles driven. Most of the interstate driving was at 80mph with quite a few hills through Missouri. The Magnaflow muffler I installed was not bothersome, in fact, it was quite nice to listen to on the bigger hills as the turbo would spool up, the CAI would start wooshing and the ECU would add more fuel. The morimoto HID's are a blessing. The trip to Oklahoma was at night and we didn't have any problems from them, and that's 8 1/2 hours straight. I have 3Five ballasts, 4700K with the relay harness and a capacitor installed to stop the buzzing. When we started I was wishing that the car had a bigger gas tank, but about the time you need gas, you are ready to get out and stretch. Not that the car is uncomfortable at all; the ride was fine and the seats supportive, I'm just not 20 any more, not even twice.

Overall we are very pleased with the car. Yes I know there are cars with more performance and cars that are more comfortable, I've owned both, but for the cost, it's a hit. My only big complaint; you can not turn the light down enough on the center screen at night, we just turned it off with no screen saver.

As a side note: We tried to see how many VT's or NAV's we could spot on the trip. Total seen: ZERO! our car is quit unique indeed. :cool:
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