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First VT CRASHED New one Tuesday.

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So, heres my silver VT, 221 miles. Picked it up on a Saturday, following Tuesday (keep in mind not even a week) Im driving home when I see a chevy blazer coming through a gas station parking lot, Im traveling down the highway 55 mph zone and see that he looks like hes about to pull out into the near lane. I slow to 45, when he decides he wants to go for the median 20ft in front of my vehicle. So here you have your first 45 mph T-bone. Airbag deployed, only thing hurt on my was a hyper extended thumb from the airbag. The rest of the vehicles interior was unchanged, the wipers came out and blue link immediately called me to alert me that assistance was on the way. Side note on blue link, my ignition was still on, saw fluids coming out from my vehicle and turned it off, doing this turned off blue link but 2 minutes later I received a phone call from them. The car was totaled and I didn't have GAP, nor was informed about it. Insurance is writing me a check for 23,800. I paid $100 over dealer invoice for my car $24,370. This was before extended warranty and all. So I'm about $3,000 short of my car. Tuesday I'm going to pick up another identical to mine in North Carolina (Greensboro). I'm from north Alabama and this is the closest one to me. SO, all in all. I wanted to give you guys some sort of example of the integrity of the vehicle. The pana roof was not cracked, it was still running, the windshield was cracked but didn't crumble and the interior did not crush a bit. Im 24 years old and in decent shape and have been hit by airbags before and this one did nothing to me, not even scratches or bruises. The only bruises were on my hips from the seat belts. So maybe this can offer some comfort to those of you wondering about the safety. Can't wait to get back in a VT. :)
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Sorry to hear about your accident. The car did what it was designed to do and protected its occupants. The Veloster received 5 star rating from Euro NCAP. Compares very favorably to the German rivals.

Best of wishes to you and I hope you get back into a VT asap. What kinda rental are they giving you in the mean time?
Well the officer that worked the wreck messed up the report twice so I didn't get a rental due to not being able to turn into insurance until yesterday and this happened on the 17th of august but I have already purchased another VT and will be picking it up soon. Its a ultimate MT just like this one except with silver accents instead of the blue which is what I wanted originally. Wish I knew where my totalled car is going so someone could get the full blue set out of it for an interior swap for cheap haha
I am not a lawyer but I would sue this guy because if you don't you are going to get bent over and take a loss from all this I learned the hard way. Or did they say it was your fault
? either way glad your ok hope you get your replacement soon.
He admitted to fault. Said he just didn't see me. Plus I don't see how in the world it could possibly be ruled my fault plus I have two witnesses in my favor. I have a lawyer dealing with it at this time. My insurance is paying for my car now, and going after his for reimbursement for everything. That is if he even had insurance. The policeman wrote that he had state farm but in the policy number his VIN was wrote down. Does anyone know if this is normal for state farm? I have alfa and my policy number was in the report, along with my VIN in the respectful locations.
Do you have un insured/ under insured motorist coverage it is required in CT ? If so your own insurance company will have to pay the difference as if he did not have insurance. If you end up paying a dime for this that is unacceptable, I would make that clear to the lawyer if it were me. I got T-boned @ 40 mph when i was 17 and did not sue and lost a ton of money for it....never again
I do have uninsured coverage but the thing is, Alfa only values my car at 23,800 (Ultimate, M/T) with 230 miles on it. I have no idea on the source of this quote. I know I can get a refund on the warranty but still there's money not covered. Not including the payment I just made on a totaled car. So in regards to if the other driver in fact doesn't have insurance my lawyer will be getting it out of my insurer. Its a huge nightmare at the moment. I've got another case open with another one of state farm's drivers for falling asleep at the wheel and rear ending my '11 Gen Coupe Track(Was totaled and resulted in me getting my VT) and bulging 3 discs in my lower back in result from it. So now I'll have two open cases with state farm and I don't know what they're going to try to do. Time will tell I suppose.
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