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For those of you with kids and need to know how seats fit in the back... CLICK ME!

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Here is a link I found when trying to convince my wife that car seats would fit well in the rear of the V. It is very helpful to those looking to buy a car that have little kids.

I also figured out that you could actually get 1 car seat AND two more people in the back, since you can mount the car seat to the anchors in the middle and have two people (smaller obviously) sit beside them.. The interior 'hip room' in the rear is the same as my Jeep Liberty but the seats are bigger in the V on the sides.

Car seats in a Veloster - Test
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there are the anchors down in the seat, not just on the back.

I am talking about the lower anchors to quickly install the seat. I felt for them in the NA V just to make sure.. that way you will be using one anchor for each seat..

Regardless, if you used those rear anchors, they would work the same way if you mounted it to the middle, i think.. if i could only find a VT they seem to be going everywhere but AZ
no Vturbos were coming here to NM, so I am in the process of buying mine in CO.
got a pic with seats in the back.. fits quite well.. Passenger seat adjusted for me to fit comfortably (if i ever sit there) with some headroom to go.. I am 5'7"..

the carseat is on the BIG side and IS reclined.. there is about 1" from the back of the carseat structure to the back of the passenger seat..

When the carseat is NOT reclined, there obviously is even more room.

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