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Greetings all,
I thought I would introduce myself while introducing my VT. I'm Frank, and his name is Bones. I first wanted to thank all of you regulars. I'm a "long time listener, first time caller", and since I've been here you all have helped and inspired me so much. I picked him up Jan. '13 and have been an avid reader since. Enough about me, here he is:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai veloster Hyundai

Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Light

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Car

And the ongoing mod list to date:

Chromed blinker bulbs
HID conversion 4300k
License plate LEDs
Disconnected corner bulbs
(Planned) (fog light LEDs)


Plastidip front and rear emblems

Injen SRI
Clutch pedal mod (lol)

Can't afford what I really want right now (Magnaflow exhaust, wheels and tires) because I'm getting married in 2 months. Like many of you, I will be happy with what I have plus ECU / tune when safely available. Comments welcomed!

Update: Injen SRI installed! Sounds and feels great!
Vehicle Car Auto part Engine

Update 2: plastidip emblems
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive lighting
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