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front grill

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ok so what is up with the plug you can remove on the mechanic's left of the front grill? its right at the top of the solid part, it just twists and pops out....
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I think that is to put the stick (or what ever it's called) to tow the car.
I've been told it is for twisting in a tow hook. I've yet to confirm this though.
Just went out and checked. Sure enough, sitting on top of the spare tire is a threaded loop.
We do, Canucks that is.

Many US Hyundais dont come with a spare, but there still should be a took kit and parts of some kind in the back.
Donut might be a better term.
Donut might be a better term.
haha, of course i was just busting my buddies balls over having the inflation system in his gt 500 cobra about 2 weeks ago, so it serves me right to get the same. although its definately better than the donut that comes on my wife's car, her GMC acadia has a spare that i wouldnt put on my motorcycle its so small.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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