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Diode Dynamics Hyundai Veloster Turbo LED Reverse/Backup Lights! Plug & Play!

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Backup LEDs

At Diode Dynamics, we carry a full line of LED bulbs, including three different levels of brightness for your Hyundai Veloster Turbo's reverse light or backup light bulb (921 size).

Diode Dynamics offers the brightest, highest-quality bulbs on the market, which our engineering team designed here in St. Louis, Missouri. Your order will ship same day, and we're here if you need us for support and service. Every bulb carries with it a three-year limited warranty.

Your purchase includes two 921-sized LED bulb, for perfect fitment in all Hyundai Veloster Turbo Models.

Bulb Design

HP5: Four high-power SMDs, under a diffusing lens. Just like the HP3, but run at higher power, with integrated copper plating for superior heat dissipation, allowing maximum brightness.

HP36: Full 360 degree illumination with 36 High-Power Samsung LEDs. Aluminum base for optimum heatsinking, and non-polar design for easy installation.

XP50: Each of the four sides of this bulb contains two 5W-rated chips, and the top is fitted with two more under a projector lens. Housed in an aluminum casing with textured finish for maximum heatsinking properties.

Fitment. All three bulbs use a quality inject-molded 921 terminal, with a sturdy base connector and proper pin alignment, designed for exact replacement of your factory 921 bulb. You will not need resistors for backup lights. Just replace the factory bulb.

Included in your order is TWO BULBS.


These LEDs illuminate in a crisp, cool, bright, white hue for maximum light output.


Diode Dynamics offers several brightness options so you can choose what fits you best. These options are listed by the design and the lumen output of each bulb:

HP5: Slightly lower brightness than OEM bulbs, but still provides the crisp, modern instant on/off of LED technology.
HP36: Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs.
XP50: Much brighter than OEM bulbs. These are bright!

Lumens. BUYER BEWARE! Most sellers just provide "calculated" lumen numbers, based on the maximum potential brightness of the LED chips on the bulb. For example, if a bulb has five 10-lumen chips, they will rate it at 50 lumens. However, this is not accurate, as the design of an LED bulb does not get rid of heat fast enough to run the LEDs at maximum.

These "calculated" lumen ratings are much, much higher than the true, measured light output, so it will look like competitors' bulbs are brighter than ours. This is because Diode Dynamics does not provide inflated "calculated" numbers; we believe it is misleading. We test the actual brightness of the bulbs in our lab, to provide real lumen output measurements. Our measurements are accurate, but they are usually much lower than the misleading "calculated" figures.

Diode Dynamics products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2013-2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Diode Dynamics: Backup LEDs for 2013-2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Any questions, feel free to ask via email ([email protected]), Post, PM or call us: (314) 205-3033

*PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

Nick C.
Diode Dynamics

Customer Reviews

"I received a pair of XP50 reverse lights through an Instagram contest diode dynamics was having. Once the bulbs were shipped they were to my door just a couple days later (and this was during the holiday shipping rush). The hardest part of the installation was removing the tail light assembly from the car but after that it was clear sailing. The before and after comparison does not do justice for the massive improvement that these bulbs provide. (Posted on 12/27/14)" -Eric

"Ordered the Stage 2 LEDs. They were not kidding when they said these were bright. Now, I have zero issues using my backup camera on even the darkest streets. Only took me ten minutes to install. Highly recommended! (Posted on 10/5/14)" -Lobots1

"Super competitive price, great product, and overwhelming customer service!! Who wouldn't want to purchase a product from you all! After placing them on my vehicle it opened up a whole new world using my back-up camera at NIGHT! Way to go Diode, I will definitely be back!! (Posted on 8/18/14)" -Gerid


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Just placed an order for the backup LEDs, was happy with the license plate LEDs, my next step is to get the LED turn signals and map/vanity LEDs
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