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I have a 2016DCT VT.

TL:DR. I gutted my 845 hi flow cat and lost my pops and bangs

I will try and keep this short as I tend to go on for awhile while overthinking but I have had a few different tunes in the past (eurocharge custom, BTRcc, and now I have SXTH. With BTR I had AK47 like bangs pretty much on demand but the car wasn't running right file after file. I somehow talked myself in to wanting to get a catless downpipe and Kyle from 845 suggested that I just gut my hi flow instead, it would be the same thing without having to spend the money again. After de-gutting I made sure everything was clean and everything was running correctly. I have no lights on the dash and somehow I don't have any pops. I switched to SXTH tune shortly after and we've been trying to get my pops back but can only get these quick and quiet pops when letting off the gas in sport mode at about 4500rpm. The cat housing is the only difference between 845' catted and catless. Could this really be the issue? Has anyone gutted their hi flow before and experienced this?

Edit: The shop that installed my dp cross threaded a bolt into the turbo housing and can't be removed without damaging turbo (they didn't end up charging me for the job)

Current performance mods:

SXTH tune,
ISR Race Exhaust,
845 IC with HKS BOV
HKS MK45XL cold plugs,
dual catch cans,
steel braided fuel line,
Turbosocks 3.5inch BeastMode Intake
845 gutted 3 inch downpipe
Mac Bov solenoid
Mac Wastegate Solenoid

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Tune will control pops n bangs on your setup nothing else.
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