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Okay, so I am putting this up again with more parts ad individual price options!

Shipping per order will be a flat rate of 5$ for any order or the entire box full o' goodies for 300$ shipped.

Any clamp = 1.5$
Any pipe = 10$
3 new 2.75" filters =12$
1 used 2.75" filter = 10$
Magnaflow 'Y' = 40$
V.1 modified cold pipe = 50$
Oil cooler = 40$
Oil cooler lines = 15$ a piece
any coupler = 4$
both 8mm wheel spacers = 7$
FMIC prototype brackets (will find the other one) = 20$ for the set
1/8" vacuum line = 1$
2.75" pipe remnants = 2$
type S style BOV (not pictured) = 20$

Everything together would amount to about 650$+ worth of stuff.

The cold pipe will work with a long 45 bend and a long legged 90 elbow bend (can be had for about 25$) It already has the BOV and BPS flange installed.

there is one pipe why of making a full CAI kit included between the bends, clamps and couplers.

for an intercooler kit, you will need one L bend pipe and a reducer 45 coupler as well as about 6-7 clamps + intercooler to have a full kit.

the 'Y' would make a great piece for a custom axle back as the Y is usually the most pricey part of the axle back (when going mufflerless) and it is high quality stainless.

The oil cooler kit just needs a ~30$ sandwich plate and you are good to go!

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take the y and 2 filters and some pipe and make a dual intake just bc... lol
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sent :p
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