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*Gerid's 14 Veloster Turbo Vit C - Aka Sonja*

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Ok, well guess I'll start with the story of the arrival of Sonja and how she became mine (I'll make a pretty long story short)!

I started in November with a 2013 Elantra GLS 6 spd, 8 days of driving and *Boom* in the shop. It literally died on my during transition from 2-3rd gear and never cranked back up. All the rocker arms had backed out, cracked the head, and damaged both ccamshafts. Top half rebuild only, lasted two days and then bottom half rebuild, still didn't fix it and starting New Years got put on a list for a full engine on backorder spot 9 -.- So, I checked state lemon laws and filed a claim. 4 months later and lots of waiting I now have gotten a repurchase and put into a VT!! Not happy with the wait and first failure but I am happy the occurrence led me to somethin I'm likin a helluva lot more!

Also, several will ask but, yes I did get the Elantra back around Feb 1st and drove it with no problems for about 3k miles. There is still no known outcome of what caused the initial failure.

Lastly, I'm on my phone and not sure how to add a pic but I will add on tomorrow at work. (No I don't use tapatlk as I couldn't even figure out how to post with it and I'm pretty tech savvy)

Mods soon to come - Down pipe, collars, exhaust, intake, res delete, springs, and tires.. In no particular order.
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love my Vit C, congrats!
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