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Going Halogen or HID for Winter

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Going Halogen or HID for Winter

I’m getting my VT next Wednesday and still have yet to see how well the stock lights light up the road. Most likely it’ll be much better than what my 120.000 km 2005 Accent does now with stock lights

Thinking a bit ahead about our long Canadian nights, with snow and ice in the road, I’m considering two options to upgrade the lights to increase awareness. One is all Halogen and the other HID-Halogen. I’m not looking for the “bling” so a 4300K color temperature, which is HID OEM for all high end systems, is where I want to go.

An all Halogen setup would be GE Nighthawk or Sylvania SilverStar with the H11B to H11 bulb Conversion Harnesses, I don’t like to drill holes or shave a piece here or there to make them fit, H11B to H11 bulb Conversion Harnesses (2 harnesses) . My concern here is that halogens pushed to their limits at 4000K on low and fogs don’t last long and I’m not sure if it’s going to be less that the 1 year exchange warranty that Canadian Tire has on them and have to be popping $30 every time one goes out.

HID-Halogen setup would be “Precision HID Conversion Kit” at 4300K from *Precision HID Conversion Kit (all sizes) for the lows and fog and use a couple of Sylvania Silverstar Ultra’s for the highs. The high's just to let the oncoming traffic that you're using lows

Constructive comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Kind Regards to all of you who read this post,
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I have 4300K HID low beams and love them. It makes the car look much cleaner with the LED accents compared to the halogen bulbs.
Thanks for the input. Are you using a relay?

Kind Regards,
Yes, you will need to use a relay. The stock are 55w halogen, the HIDs I got are 35w. Because they are 35w, if you don't use a relay the car will think a bulb is out causing your turn signals to hyper blink. The relay fixes this.
Great, thanks.
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