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good or bad dealer experiece? possibly scammed?

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okay, so i went to the dealer to get my first oil change done. there were about 4 people infront of me. i went inside the waiting room. in there, were the 4 people waiting on their car to be finished. they were conversing about how they were in the room for almost 2 hours now when they were told 45mins. I was thinking to myself, 'oh great...i guess i won't be outta here for awhile...' i was also told to wait for about 45mins for my oil change.
after waiting about 30 minutes, they called me to the counter saying that my car was done!

now here is where my skepticism comes in...why...? why did it take so little time for them to do my car when there were 4 other people waiting infront of me?
my car had 3000 miles when i took her in the dealer. the sticker on the window they put on said come back in 8000miles. (which is in 5000miles)
i was thinking maybe they didn't change the oil, and lied to me because my car only had 3000miles and they thought it was okay to not do the oil change yet.

anything like this happened to anyone? i don't really mind waiting for that 8000miles to get my next one done, but if they really didnt do it, i feel like i didn't need to pay $30.00 for it!
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I work in a tire shop and most services take about an hour to get done. After 30 mins they start complaining about how its been longer than an hour. People are just real impatient and well exaggerate the time they have been waiting just because to them it feels that long. Waiting in a waiting room for 30 mins seems longer than 30 mins cooking or doing something.

I show them the paper work when it was written up. I tell them they have been waiting 30 mins and I told them about an hour. then they are like oh ok lol funny
Paranoid much???
What the skwon said. You know there are some guys out there that have the nerve of pulling a car into the bay, look at the paper work on what it is in for, notice the sticker on his windshield said 8000 and the odo said only 3000. And if that guy wanted to say "oh well, my job is done here", and pull out the car and marking everything that it was in for is done and not say anything about it, he can and if he can get away with it to make his day a little more easier he will.
It is unfortunate you were not able to see the dealer actually change your oil. next time you know. But also I am sure if you went in on a busy day no one could have gotten away with something like that.

Like I said before, people around you made you suspicious about how little the dealer took on your car when for all you know the people around you were impatient and they weren't really taking as long as they said. plus they might have been there at for major work done, not an express type of service like you were there for. plus like stone axe said, dealers do have there express services and have dedicated people to do jobs that only take 30 mins to make sure the get in and out in a timely manner.

also, do what jeremy said and check your dip stick and see if the oil looks fresh. Sleep tonight buddy. Don't worry about it.
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