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Got my HIDs in finally

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Managed to fix the sidewaysness but it wont delete the sideways one, also sorry for the terrible picture, cell phone camera ftl


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congrats!, i order mine from DD and i just put them on the other day. (Fog HIDs 6000). Its one hell of a difference right? :)
is it just the picture exposure? my HID lights only glow inside the projector housing.. the whole light housing doesn't glow like in that pic?
it's just the exposure from the crappy phone camera, it looks a lot nicer in person, im gonna try to get a better camera for another pic
@reaper, yea DD 6000k is much brighter and nicer looking than stock
I have been considering ordering hids from DD but I notice people have flickering issues and other problems.. Did you just order the h11 kit and add a relay? Thanks
Keith, the whole kit is super easy to install. They will even help u by phone if u have any dumb question (like me) lol. U dnt really need a relay on it, but I guess u can put it on if u wanna complicate the whole project. Ill say the most difficult part is removing the front bumper. :) Its a good investment, and they deliver my kit super fast! no joke. Just make sure u test, and re-test all lights b4 you attach the bumper back, good luck.
Okay cool thanks a lot.. Everyone seemed to have good luck with them so far... I had these badass hids on a GTI I had and I don't use a relay or have any issues.. They were the brightest hids I have ever seen and were the perfect color.. I put some on a gto I had and it didn't come out very good, had issues of not coming on when I started the car and weren't very bright.. I just wanna do right this time around seeing as the VT is a long term commitment for me
looks great. any interference or buzz that others have complained about??
@Dare Devil, No interference and I installed with a capacitor on the relay just to be on the safe side
Got some better pictures with a digital camera...
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It's the camera playing games. Maybe the professional photographer here can explain why 6,000K shows somewhat green with HIDs and LEDs show more blue than actuality.
Depends on the white balance of the camera. The software in the camera does the best it can but the only way to get it perfect is to use a grey card.
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