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Greetings from Southern California!

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Hello there---first a quick story! So I decided I was going to buy a small FWD Turbo car---a fun track car that I could develop a performance parts line/provide aftermarket support for and after driving the Dodge Dart, the Focus ST and a few others I decided on the Veloster. I contacted my local dealer and asked if they had one in stock---they said it sold yesterday but would call the second they got another...Few weeks go by and I call again (I'm impatient!)...same deal---we just sold one, but should be getting new inventory any day and we'll call you. Never heard a thing! Sad really...

A few weeks later one of my customers/friends is at the shop and his cell rings. He's got a Jetta listed on Craigslist and someone was interested---within a few minutes I can see him getting aggravated turns out it's a salesman from the local Hyundai dealership coldcalling craigslist ads offering to "buy your car"/trying to get people to trade in the old and buy a new Hyundai. He asks what the guy will give him for a mint/perfect 01 VW Jetta and of course they "need to see it first". He's about to hang up when the guy asks if there's anyone else he can talk to and Luiz being a wiseguy hands me the phone. I didn't actually know who it was---and the guy asks if I was interested in a new Hyundai car. I probably surprised him when I said yep, actually looking for a turbo veloster---he said he had three!

One day and $23k later (more like $25k with tax/fees...) I had myself an "ironman silver" hardtop, 6 speed manual turbo!!! I've been driving as much as I can trying to break it in because tomorrow we're heading to the track to get a baseline and do some video which I'll post up. Looking forward to learning all about it from the forums---really a wealth of info here and it's appreciated!!!
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