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Hacking and JB welding: The journey to a brickless front grill

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Well as most of the people here, I hate the brick in the front grill on the VT, even more so since NM does not require front license plates.

I had an idea of how to get where I wanted, but I figured that the costs would be prohibitive, but after reading around and seeing that the new grill from Hyundai is less than 100$ I figured I would give it a go.

This really started off by accident.

I was just going to change the oil in the VT, but while waiting for the oil to drain, I started looking under the front end to see how easy it would be to take off the grill, and before I knew it, the grill was off.

Just a note for those who want to do this, it looks like its way easier to take off the whole front bumper, I stupidly didnt look at any manuals and thought there was only 4 screws holding the grill in place, when in fact there are many more in the center bar area of the grill, which I broke off.
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Ooooh, this could be good.
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