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Halogen low beam replacements

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I have been waffling between installing HIDs and simply replacing the existing low beam Halogen bulbs with something less yellow. I have been hard pressed to find an apparently good, read US brand-name, 4000k bulb in H11b that is not blue coated. Many of the brands I saw listed appear to be blue coated bulbs.

There was a thread where people had started to comment on what kinds of low beam replacements they were going to do.

My questions are:
What brand/bulb did you use?

If you used a different bulb than the stock H11b, what product did you use to adapt the existing harness?
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Good luck velociraptor!!!! I have been trying to do just that for over two months now. There are no H11B bulbs out there like the one you want. I bought a set from OSRAM but then I realized that it was H11 not H11B. So I could not used them. Then I saw another set H11B and bought them, but there is no difference to the stock bulb, even though it is stated on the website they are brighter than stock. I am using them now and kept the stock as backups. Let me know if you find out anything new on this.
I prefer the warmer color temperature for contrast and eye strain reasons.

The cool tint of HID is a by-product of the technology and I'm not sold that the cool tint by itself is a good thing if it doesn't come along with the increased brightness.
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