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Yesterday I was on my way home, and during the last right hand turn there was a noise that sounded like a large spring sliding down a long metal rod. When I got out and looked at the car I noticed that the passenger side rear area seemed to be sitting too close to the tire.
My first guess was that the rear shock or coil spring had fail based on the sag in the rear.

Today I jacked up the car, and took a look. I didn't see any obvious signs of failure. The spring appeared to be whole, and didn't give when I tugged on it a bit.
The shock did extend down as expected when I raised the car, and the weight was supported by the jack.

When I lowed the car, I could see that the passenger side shock did fully compress. The dust line was not visible, so there was total compression of the shock as far as I can tell. The driver's side had ~2" of clean dust free space while supporting the weight of the car.

If I try to bounce the car by pressing down, there is no bounce at all on the passenger side and the frame has a little bit of a metal creak. The driver's side does have a tiny bit of bounce, and the space between the car and the wheel appears normal.

I didn't see what looked like any oil runs, so I didn't want to jump to a bad shock right away. However, I am leaning towards an internal failure of the shock
I am thinking this because it is my understanding that there is a small spring setup inside the rear shock in addition to the oil which aids in absorbing motion.

Can anyone confirm that I am looking at a totally blown shock or provide an alternative theory which would explain these symptoms?
Also if you think it is a bad shock, what would you recomdind replacing them with?

I will apologize in advance for any ignorance that my question shows. Please let me know if there is anything I should check for that I didn't mention here.

Thanks in advance.

Adding pics.

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your photo doesnt work but considering you have a 2012 and probably on original shocks i would replace them both.
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